June 28, 2013

Studio Organization

I've been cleaning up my studio, it was getting out of hand! My materials were strewn everywhere in piles here and there. 

I've been decluttering and getting rid of things I thought I'd use but never did. I've decided to streamline so I don't feel overwhelmed. 

And honestly, just doing these little things have made a world of difference. I'm loving being at my desk now and painting has been so much easier, I have everything at my fingertips.

Do you find that cleaning releases your creativity?

June 26, 2013

Having Fun ~ Alone

It's easy to get into a rut of thinking that we must have "someone to hang out with" to have fun. But sometimes that someone should be ourselves. I told a friend how I loved going to matinee's by myself. She was shocked and asked if it was uncomfortable. I said the first time it felt a little weird but I really enjoyed it because I could pick whatever movie I wanted without complaints and it felt as though I was tucked away from the world for awhile. She decided to do it and told me later she LOVED it!

I think sometimes we get so wrapped up in others that we forget we're fun, by ourselves, on our own. We think there must be that plus one, instead of just one.

I started thinking about this when I read about artist dates. And while I love the concept of that, maybe not everyone is looking to fill their empty artist tank. But I do think it's important to realize we can have fun alone. Not to sound narcissistic, I don't mean to cut out relationships altogether, but just once in awhile to take a little time away.

Here are some ideas of dates with yourself:

1. See a movie.
2. Swing at a park.
3. Go to a museum.
4. Swim at the neighborhood pool.
5. Take a long bath.
6. Read a good book in the sunshine.
7. Visit a flower garden.
8. Go fishing.
9. Feed ducks at a pond.
10. Go out to eat at your favorite restaurant.

Seriously, don't be afraid of this. You might find out you enjoy the quiet, the solitude, the time to reflect and drink in the world around you.

Have you ever had a date with yourself?

June 24, 2013

Pepper Surprise

Our neighbors were moving and gifted us with pepper plants and a tomato one. I am so excited! I never have any luck growing things but I'm hopeful these will survive this go-around, since they're already in containers and flourishing. (Oh please grow, little ones) 

I rearranged the plants on my bench so they would be easier to water, and I could see them from my studio window. 

But when my husband got home, he told me that he'd set them out from mild to hot. Ooops! Didn't know that. I didn't line them up in the same order and I don't remember how they were.

Now the running joke is that we won't be able to tell which is which and I hate super spicy food, so the joke's on me. 

Sooo, if any of you are pepper savvy and might know the difference, a little help please? Or will I just have to wait and see?

June 21, 2013

Paint Class

I went to a paint class a few weeks ago where the instructor guided us through step-by-step to get the painting you see below. The coolest part was that all of the paintings were similar, but different. Even with step-by-step instructions, we all see things uniquely. I love that.
It's amazing how we all see the world in our own special way. The individual-ness of humankind will never cease to amaze me.

Have you ever been to a paint class? This was my first!

June 19, 2013

Slanted Trees

On a Colorado hike, I loved how these trees just slanted to be upright. It was stunning.

This was my trusty walking stick.

My kids thought this looked like a fish, a literal "fish stick".

The coolest find was this stone theater hidden in the woods. My son gave quite a performance.

June 17, 2013

Fairy Sighting: Pine Pixie

She swings along on the scent of the pine and rests at the base of her beloved tree. Here she can overlook Colorado mountains, aged rocks and the silence of the forest. She thrills at the green signalling the world is waking again. The sun's blaze is softened through treetops and she loves the play of shadows it casts. Deeply inhaling the perfume of the woods, she knows she is home.

{In case you missed it, here is the previous fairy sighting.}

June 14, 2013

Colorado Fun

We had such a great time in Colorado. I think we laughed the whole way through white water river rafting. The water was so cold that day, it had been snowing on the instructors that morning. They tried to talk us out of going, but we knew we wouldn't be back for awhile so we chanced it. It had warmed up a little by the time we got in and it was beautiful. My eldest daughter and husband got the brunt of the freezing water, but we were in wet suits, wool sweaters, parkas and water-proof booties, so it wasn't too bad. We went hiking through the mountains one day and my kids were goofing off (don't worry, she wasn't in danger of falling off). We visited a tearoom that's like a piece of the orient smack dab in the middle of Boulder. It was great to get away for a week with the family just to be outdoors and have fun. Have you been to Colorado?

June 12, 2013

Bloggy Friends

I've been away on a family vacation to Colorado. On our way, I had the privilege of meeting a sweet bloggy friend, Lisa Graham from Lisa Graham Art. (I also got to meet up with Sadee Schilling but forgot to take pictures. *sniff*)

We had so much fun talking in person! (I love meeting blogging friends, wish I could meet all of you!)

I got to see Lisa's art exhibit which was just a gorgeous as I imagined.

Then we had some incredible donuts to go along with it. One donut was maple bacon and it was DEEElicious. I'll share more about our vacation in an upcoming post.

June 10, 2013

Fairy Sightings: Child of the Cacti

Here among the cacti thorns she sits cradled in her mother's arms. Safety is here. No one who knows her mother's power to use the bristles would dare to threaten her child. The sun bathes them in warmth and the child grows strong with nectar from neighboring flowers. Soon the she will be as familiar with the ways of the cacti as her mother, the Queen of them.

{In case you're curious, here is the previous fairy sighting}

June 5, 2013

Lego Battles

I love watching my son create his Lego battles. He's quite a strategic little guy. It cracks me up the mixture of mini-figures, from The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Star Wars and everything in between.

Because really, what summer would be complete without Lego Battles? ;)