June 21, 2013

Paint Class

I went to a paint class a few weeks ago where the instructor guided us through step-by-step to get the painting you see below. The coolest part was that all of the paintings were similar, but different. Even with step-by-step instructions, we all see things uniquely. I love that.
It's amazing how we all see the world in our own special way. The individual-ness of humankind will never cease to amaze me.

Have you ever been to a paint class? This was my first!


  1. The results are terrific Catherine, fab scene and colours, enjoy the weekend, hugs Annette x

  2. Love this Catherine. All the smiles and cheerful paintings just make you feel good. There is a place similar here in Wichita. I think it's called Paint the Town and I always love seeing their pictures on facebook.

    1. Thank you, Lisa. I'd seen pictures of this place on Facebook too which made me want to do it. Also, a friend of mine was teaching, making it more fun. :)

  3. Beautiful composition, love the colours
    your class must be so fun :)


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