April 4, 2013

Consumed by a Story

I had intended to finish my stripey painting this week, truly I did. But something else caught my attention and held it with such rapture I couldn't pull myself away, Days of Blood and Starlight. Oh, how I love being wholly caught up in a book, especially one as delicious as this! I am silenced by the way she weaves words into golden stories. One thought crosses my mind as I shut each of her books, "Brilliant!" I'm rarely surprised by story plots much anymore, but she never fails to surprise me, and that is a gift all it's own. Thank you sweet, imaginative, Laini. Please, keep them coming!

Wishing you a weekend as perfect as a good book!


  1. Oh, it's always a wonderful feeling to get lost in a book so completely.

    1. It is! Like having access to a magical world. :)


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