June 12, 2012

Revisiting Dream List

Since it's halfway through the year, I thought it'd be good to check my dream list and see where I'm at.
  1. Listen to my heart. Check!
  2. Walk 3-5 days a week. This started pretty well but I'm struggling now.
  3. Lose 2 pounds a month. It's been more like 1 a month, but still progress.
  4. Try a new skill each month. Remember my 12 for 12? Well, I dropped it because the expectation was taking the fun out of it; but I still try to be intentional at trying something new or getting better at an old skill each day.
  5. Plan more (so I can live more). Check!
  6. Have a date with hubby weekly. Half-check. Still working on this.
  7. Put new art in Etsy shop weekly. It's been more like bi-weekly. Right now I'm rethinking the Etsy shop and how I'll be running it.
  8. Put originals in new boutique. Haven't accomplished this yet. But I did put new originals in the shop I already had art in!
  9. Watch less T.V.--play more. Check!
  10. Face my fears. Check! (this is ongoing)
  11. Embrace myself, flaws and all. Yes, but still a work in progress.
  12. Get featured in a national magazine. Submitting.
  13. Submit work to a big blog. Check! And still submitting.
  14. Live simply. Each day I work on this a bit, so I guess that means Check.
  15. Dress up. Check!
  16. Celebrate the little moments. Check!
  17. Savor today. I'm getting better at this but still have to make myself aware.

What about you? Do you have dream/goal lists? Have you seen progress since the first of the year?


  1. I did a list in January...and now that I see your post I think it was you that inspired it. Look at all those check marks you have Catherine! You go girl! I love how you embrace life.

    1. You are always so encouraging to me, Lisa! :) *hugs*

  2. My list is short, maybe it needs revision. I have, so far, accomplished two of my goals.

    I struggle with exercising/walking too. It's of and on. I try not to miss at least two days per week.

    1. I think it's perfectly fine to have a short list! (If you'll notice, many of mine are not specific) Congrats on accomplishing some of your goals!

  3. I should probably write a list instead of keeping it all in my head, but my latest goals have been to exercise as much as possible, eat as healthy as possible (leaving room for a bit of cheating each week), and write as much as possible. I find that if I give myself very stern, hard-nosed goals, I fail to meet them every time, like something is conspiring against me. So having rather elastic goals works better for me.

    1. I absolutely love your phrase "elastic goals"--may have to adopt that. Did you notice my goal list is a "dream list"? That's because when I attach the word goal to it, it suddenly feels less fun. Ha.

  4. Wow, You are doing GREAT! I found the secret to walking every day.. get a puppy!!! :)

  5. WTG with what you have achieved!! :)

    all the best for the 2nd half of the year :)

  6. wow Catherine you are doing awesome
    so inspiring!
    my BIG one this year was to finish my book...I am just under half way there : )

    I also love how you gave yourself room to shift things as life came
    I think that is so good
    not to be too stringent, because, as you said it does take the fun out of it

    keep it coming, you are doing great!

    love and light

    1. That's incredible about your book! Keep going because I would love to read it. :D

  7. I don't have an actual list, but rather a theme. Make it uncomfortable in my comfort zone. I have to say I'm doing a pretty food job of it! :)

    Keep going like your going and you'll be ready for a brand new list in no time!

    1. Way to go pushing yourself out of the comfort zone. A brand new list? Hmmm...I think you just gave me a new goal. Ha.


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