February 1, 2012

DIY A Tiny Love Poem

Poetry appears intimidating at times. But small poems with tiny boundaries, like a Haiku, are a great way to start.

Here's how to write one of your own:
1. Choose a characteristic about the person you're writing to. It can be something they excel in or a character trait you love about them. My husband has many wonderful qualities, one being he's a really funny guy. I wanted something lighthearted to play around with so I chose that characteristic.

2. Think of what you'd like to tell them about that particular trait. If they're patient, maybe you want to express how understanding they are of you. Or if they are passionate about life, maybe you want to share how they bring excitement to your world. My husband can lighten my mood by breaking out in hilarious made-up songs, so I focused on that.

3. Write anything that comes to mind about your theme. Brainstorm. Don't be a perfectionist here, just have fun! I jotted these thoughts: He makes up silly songs like commercial ditties. He has a way of making me forget why I'm mad. He has the greatest smile; I love his humor.

4. Find connections between your words. There might be a couple of sentences that go beautifully together. Write as many as you can. The way some of them will go together could surprise you.

5. Take away any unnecessary words. This is the fun part, like putting a puzzle together. Add anything that's missing. Make it personal. The lines can bleed into one another or they don't have to be connected at all--it's your poem, you can make it what you want. In my example, I made it more direct:

Your silly ditties
Remind me that life is short
and I need to laugh.

Need more examples? Here's a few more:
No one makes music
Like your piano fingers
Strumming on my soul.

Your love's grounded so
deep; I sometimes overlook
and forget it's there.

Your twinkling eyes
tell me it's time to play and
not be so grown up.

Have fun writing Haikus! I'd love to see them if you'd care to share.

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  1. Wonderful! I am not very good with poetry...limericks are more my style :-)


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