February 2, 2012

Beyond Sweatshirts: Gray Sweater

Gray sweater: Gift
Shirt and pants: Mom-me-downs

My daughter volunteered to take pictures of my outfit. She kept telling me to be serious, but it was completely unfair because she was being so stinking funny. I loved her originality in shooting angled shots--wouldn't have thought of that. After we were done, in her sweet little way, she told me she liked me dressing up more. *sniff*

Thanks to you my blog friends, I've (mostly) steered clear of sweatshirts. Knowing you're here waiting to see if I've kept my word (from this post), I opt for something other than sloppy clothes. You're great accountability.  I know dressing up doesn't make a huge difference in the large scheme of things, but in my little world, it seems to help me get things done.

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  1. the pictures are great! it's a great outfit, too!

  2. i love that you are doing outfit posts! great shots! So nice to have some one help you out with that!
    im not a well dressed person, maybe i should make more effort, too!

  3. I love that sweater! Beautiful outfit and photos, Catherine. Looks like you had a lot of fun! :)

  4. I really like your outfit - especially the blouse with its ruffles. Very cute! It's amazing how much better we feel when we dress up, isn't it? Of course, after a day at work, there's nothing I like better than coming home and throwing on my lounging clothes. :-)

  5. Beautiful sweater! I am the queen of dressing down and my kids always comment when I dress up. They love it. I really should put more effort into my wardrobe, I think! Like you said, not because it's SO important, but just for the fun and joy it can bring. I can still be low maintenance and ditch the sweatshirts most days, right?

  6. The gray makes the red tones in your hair POP. So pretty!!

  7. Love the pictures! And I think the gray sweater is adorable. I should dress up more, too. Jeans and t-shirts, right here. All too often.

  8. very nice images Catherine!
    you have beautiful eyes
    i like the angles too...brings out the fun in the shoot

    love and light

  9. What a fun, creative time with your daughter. I like the shot where she steps back and tilts the camera. Great background, there, too.

  10. Catherine, you're the one who's so stinkin' cute! Your smile pulls me in and wraps a hug around me!


    PS: Just loving all of your photo journaling. It's like we're there laughing with you.

  11. I know what you mean - when I bum around the house in my paint splatted clothes with hair hanging around my face limp and ugly - I just don't feel like much of anything - but dress up a bit and it really does make the world of difference.


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