October 3, 2011

Much Love Monday: Confetti Popcorn

What I'm loving today:

  • The Corn Popper, a fun little shop I recently discovered.  They've got almost any flavor popcorn you could imagine.  For my daughter's party, we had three sweet choices and three salty ones: watermelon, strawberry and confetti; white cheddar, pizza and cool ranch.  I assumed I'd be tempted by the sweet flavors but it turns out the salty ones were my weakness. WARNING: Popcorn is addictive!

  • This book!  I gobbled it up over the weekend!!

  • My China Cabinet turned Art Supplies Cabinet.

What are you loving today?


  1. I love your cabinet with your art supplies and happy art all over it. I had to laugh 'cos my art room looks similar with all my little faces staring at me. I'm loving today - the fact that my boss is going to be away for two weeks!

  2. Delicious popcorn and Laini's new book? Sounds like a perfect combination.


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