October 4, 2011

To Tell a Story: Ron Weasley

Do you remember how I wasn't a dog lover until I found out I was? (If not, see story here)

Fast forward to June.

My daughter asked for another dog.  Again. And again.  And yet, again.  I kept saying no.  I felt too maxed, too vulnerable.  I'd lost too much.  We drove to the coffee shop and what was taped to the cash register?  A picture of free puppies.  A CUTE picture of FREE puppies.  Yes, I know they're never really free but...

My daughter gave me her puppy dog eyes.

I said no.  But I contemplated it. I thought how I'd never given the first dog, Tally, a chance.  I didn't willingly embrace her or try to care; it just sort of happened.  I thought about my sweet friend who I missed already with a dreaded hole in my heart.  She loved dogs.  LOVED them.  She would've told me to get one.

I informed my daughter I'd go with her to look but not to expect anything.

Who was I kidding?

We drove out in the far country and up a dirt road to a sweet lady trying to save puppies.  The puppies were gray, silver and brown.  Except one.  He was red.

My daughter picked him up and cradled him in her arms the way I cradle every baby I'm allowed to hold.  She kissed him and petted him.  She handed him to me.

He looked up in my face.  He didn't cry or wriggle.  He just sank against my chest like he belonged there.  I didn't want to love him.  I didn't want to need him.

But I did. Tears sprang to my eyes.

"I'm naming him Ron Weasley," my daughter said with a twinkle in her eye. She knew I'd like that.

She was right.

He's five months old.  And I love him.

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  1. That is an adorable story. Your daughter is lucky to have such a soft-hearted mom.

  2. YEAH!!!!! LOVE THIS!! And Ron Weasley is adorable! Look at his little face! Awww.... yayyayayaya!!

  3. What a sweet, sweet story!! All it takes is one look right...from both of them. :) I adore the name. LOVE!

  4. So so sweet! I love how you couldn't say no to a "redhead" and how your daughter knew the exact name that would tug at your heart!

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my post from yesterday, and thanks for linking up today! You are such an encouragement to me! :)

  5. Catherine, our pound dog came into our life at a time of grieving too. She adds unconditional love to our family, comfort and spunk. The kids named her Tootsie like the candy.

    I love that you have Ron Weasley and his snuggles to remind you how loved you are!

  6. I read your story about your other doggy - and yes I did the ugly cry, 'cos truth be told I've also had doggies that I was less than loving to. But - now I have also become a crazy doggy person. We have a 'township' special called Marley - he is really a person in a doggy suit - we just can't find the zipper. He is also aqua-dog in summer and ball crazy nutcase - as you can see I'm in love. I'm gonna do a post about him one day. You are going to love this little mute - there really is something so special about a doggies unconditional love.


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