March 2, 2011

Which Character? Wednesday

Introducing our two contestants:

  • The elderly woman with a walker who takes an outside stroll each afternoon from the back door to the front.


  • The male biker dressed in leather pants who tells you what aisle the wavy scrapbook scissors are on.

Which character would you want to read about?  Which one offers the juiciest story idea?

Note: I forgot to add "male" to the biker, thanks Myrna!


  1. I so chooses the elderly woman. With wisdom and awareness gathered over years, she will see more in that stroll than anyone can imagine. Lots of material to work with.

  2. biker, for sure. I'm interested in his past.

  3. Both. The elderly woman has a full life behind her, with some great story there. And the biker knowing about scrapbook scissors is a story in itself!

  4. The biker should turn out to be the grandson of the old woman.

  5. You know.. I kind of like both!.. Can I choose both? If I HAD to with one though.. the biker :)

  6. I vote for the biker. He sounds like an interesting character. Would like to know how he knows where the wavy scrapbooking scissors are.


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