March 27, 2011

Nearly There

I gaze into what appears to be a repetition of dots and patterned paper.

"Stare at one place," my friend says.

I pick a dot near the middle.

"Now stare until your eyes go fuzzy but keep looking."

I stand and stare.  I see nothing but patterned paper.  I hear a woman exclaim next to me that she sees it.  I stare harder unsure of what to expect.  How can there be a picture hidden in all this?  I've heard people describe it but I don't understand. My eyes get fuzzy.  I feel the lurch of expectation.

"Mom, can we go now?" my daughter asks.

"Hang on," I say.  But the distraction makes me lose my place and now everything is clear again.  Rats, I was nearly there.  I relocate my place in the middle of the picture and explain to my younglings that Mommy HAS to do this before we can leave.  They groan at my determination.

I stare. Ignoring the voices and movement around me, I stand for an eternity. My feet grow tired and my eyes are watering mascara down my face.  I begin to lose interest, and that's when it happens.  

A world opens up like I've slipped inside and all around me stand animals: tigers, elephants, and giraffes!  I scream and keep staring, afraid my motion will take it all away.  But I'm in now.  And I find to my delight that not only can I see the 3-D in this picture, but I quickly find the hidden pictures inside frames lined along the wall.  It's as if I've been initiated into a secret society and can read all the codes now.

Right now my life is like that day.  I'm staring into the creative picture. I'm ignoring the voices of criticism and doubt.  Process is happening, my focus is changing; I feel a new world about to open up at any moment.  I'm waiting and staring.  I'm nearly there.


  1. I had the same experience with those pictures. I think some of us are just not so easily willing to let go. I'm so glad to hear that you feel a new world about to open up at any moment. I hope when you see it that it is MAGNIFICIENT!

    Loved your post.

  2. Ah, that moment is awesome when it happens (though I'll be honest, it's sort of like hypnosis. You just never think it'll happen to you). I look forward to hearing more about it soon, thanks for sharing!

  3. Yay for you! That is a lovely glimpse into the unseen isn't it? I am so happy for you in this season! Enjoy!

  4. I think I have enough imagination in my own head without it being artificially created. Being colour blind doesn't help having failed(?) so many of those tests in the past. My weirdly coloured world gives me an advantage that few may appreciate. Find your own pictures not those created by others.

  5. Well, nearly there or not, you could have fooled me about the creative processes. I'd say you've been many times before and will achieve it once again.

  6. Oh, Catherine, I felt such a connection with your last paragraph...yes--do ignore the voices of criticism and doubt (and, if I'm right, perhaps those are from your OWN voice?)...stay focused...and enjoy the bright new world! ~Paula

  7. Do what you love and the money comes secondary! Keep going no matter what! Love the metaphor here! Great post!

    Hugs Giggles

    Ps. thanks for stopping by my blog!!

  8. Ooooh, how exciting! You've pegged that whole 3D experience perfectly and the analogy to life is spot on too. My husband always says 'just think of what you want and the how takes care of itself' and if he isn't just right....time and again (sigh!)

  9. I have experienced just what you wrote, you described it perfectly! :-)

    And your last paragraph is so powerful and inspiring, I loved this post!

  10. Getting into the zone - perfectly described..letting go a little gets you there..never did get the hang of 'magic eye' ;) Jae

  11. What an exciting process creativity is ... Full of different dimensions. And each one draws us in, in its own way.

  12. I love the optimism ringing in your voice :) Thanks for the inspiration... this, being "nearly" there :)

  13. A a wonderful metaphor for that moment of creativity! Sometimes we have to ignore everything else. This really spoke to me!


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