March 24, 2011

Truth Thursdays (I Sneeze in Tens)

I am having such fun with these truth-telling days.  Not that I don't normally tell the truth (snort), but it's fun sharing my oddities with all of you.  Jennifer at Unedited introduced me to this brilliant idea (thanks girl!).  So without further ado, here are my truths:

  • I had my FIRST ever pedicure during Spring Break at the insistence of my twin sister.  Massage chairs, salt rubs and beautiful toes--what was I waiting for????  

(You knew there was no way I'd photograph a real bee, right?)
  • I'm terrified of bees.  Got into a nest of them when I was a little girl and haven't forgotten. *shivers* 


  • I don't love ice cream.  Or maybe I should say it doesn't love me. *ahem*  

  • I sneeze in tens.  Seriously.  Okay not always, but lotsways. 

  • Every night daughter#2 asks what my favorite color is since it changes daily.  (In case you're wondering, today it's fuchsia)

    What about you?  Any truths you'd like to share?  *points finger* Come on, you know you want to.


      1. Your pedicure looks amazing, I don't know what you were waiting for!!!

        I hate bees and had no traumatic experience to cause it. I also hate all bugs, creepy crawly things are so not my friend.

        10's, I'd die of sneezing...

        I hate that ice cream doesn't love you but my husband has the same issue. So glad I don't since I love ice cream.

        Different color for each day, what a cute little thing!!! I should test it (mind if I borrow it?)

        Thanks for making up my lack of truths. Next week they'll be back in lieu of my birthday celebration week :)

      2. I hate bees too - terrified of them! But I LOVE ice cream. Too much. :-)

      3. Your pedicure looks great! Having a new favorite color everyday, I like that. Too many great colors to choose from to just settle for one! :)

      4. Okay, the truth is I've never had a pedicure. *blush* I know. I really need to try it. =)

      5. I think my favorite was that you sneeze in tens!


        1. I really hate wearing bras, how can one truly be free??? But...I wear them anyway, unless at home or in a swimming suit. It seems like a very strange custom for women to have to wear something SO uncomfortable.

        2. I don't like following stupid rules.

      6. Here's a truth: I've never had a pedicure or a manicure.

      7. Hehe! Thanks for this fun post- love the nail polish color you chose, by the way!:)
        Thanks for stopping by my blog, and taking the time to leave such nice comment.

      8. Pedis are a guilty pleasure of mine, as is ice cream. I like the one about changing your fave color every day. That's an artist for ya! Mine? I don't know...I'm gettin a massage today. They really do wonders for my back and mood.

      9. Ice cream and I don't get along either! :D I'd much prefer a chocolate chip cookie.

      10. Wow, ten sneezes in a row sounds exhausting! I almost always sneeze in twos. Never had a pedicure, but I do like having cute toenails. My favorite color changes too, though not as frequently as yours. Currently my favorite color is pink.

      11. Love that purple toenail polish. So cute. I ALWAYS tell the truth (heh, heh, cross my fingers).

      12. Thank you for your comment on my blog. I love this idea! I might have to try it one day!

      13. Sneeze in tens. Wow. And I thought I sneezed in high numbers at six or seven :)

        Lotsways.. ha, ha.

      14. aww dear daughter asks you ever day what your fav. color is? soo sweet!! I loved the pedicure and your wild thing color. my hubby looked at my bright yellow color and in a very matter of fact way said "did you paid for that?" "yes! yes I did!" ;)


      Thank you so much for your visit. I love hearing from you and dearly appreciate your comment!