March 29, 2011

Dream, Believe, Love

Spring has awakened my love for flowers and sunny blue skies.  See how the girl is dreaming?  She's full of hope and expectation.

Her hair reminds me of ancient Egypt for some reason; but when I painted it I was thinking of sunshine and daisies.
Can you see hidden messages on the flower?  Each pedal holds one of these words: love, fly, believe, dream, give, surrender, hope, imagine.

What says "Spring" to you?


  1. I love the painting! There is something so lovely about her eyes.

    Well done.

    She IS Spring.


  2. Perfect messages on your Spring flower, they're so inspiring ...

    I think what really says Spring to me is the birdsong that returns after a long, cold winter ...

  3. Your paintings are beautiful. For Me - Spring means a new awakening. I am so excited for it to be here.

  4. Spring is remaining annoyingly quiet, since where I live, there's still snow on the ground.

    Great painting, btw.

  5. this is beautiful...and i love the hidden words.

  6. How neat! I love the secret messages in the petals. And hair reminds me of Jane Austen characters. She just needs a regency dress. ;) The jewelry reminds me of Egypt though.

  7. Love your painting! The smell of lilac blossoms says 'spring' to me ... though we seem to be a ways off from that right now! :-)

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog and for offering the link to yours; great to meet you here. For me, spring = blossoms.

  9. Spring Girl is So pretty and representative of Springtime! I love her hair, eyes and the close up pic!


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