February 14, 2011

Weirdest vs Romantic Proposals

What's the weirdest or most romantic proposal you've heard of?  Perhaps it was yours, maybe someone in your family, or even something you heard of on the news or in a book. Please share!

At the end of the day I will tally romantic versus weird and see what we come up with.

Happy Valentine's Day!

OR as my daughter (who hates this day) says, Happy Single Awareness Day!


  1. A friend of mine had picked pecans (well, off the ground) at his parent's ranch with his girlfriend as part of their first date. A year later, to the day, he set up a dinner for her under that tree, and he had hollowed out a pecan and put her ring inside. I guess it's not too crazy--but it was the oddest thing I'd heard any of our friend's do.

  2. I like your daughter's sentiments. Enough witht he sappy love stuff!! It would be all well and good if my "Richard Geere" was waiting for me at a seaside B&B. Real life is never that convenient.

  3. Kristin Rae, I think that counts in both categories. :D

    Corey, yes she is.

    Jessica, wow. I'm putting that in the weird category. ;)

    Mary, haha. Very true.


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