February 17, 2011

Thursday Letters: Child

My niece was the recipient of this week's letter. She's eleven and full of creativity.  Her art form is beading at the moment.  But she also loves to draw, journal, and countless other things.  So in the letter was a how-to diagram drawing of a girl.  I hope she enjoys it.

For me children provide some of the best inspiration.  They haven't learned to hold in their passion or to be pretentious and hide their true selves.  They are free.

Is there a child who inspires creativity for you?

Next Week's Prompt: Grandparent (or older friend)


  1. When I babysat, the kids were a great inspiration. They had incredible imaginations and seeing them have fun really inspired me.

  2. In our attic are boxes of artwork and assignments which my daughters completed in their primary grades. It's like a time machine. Some day we will rediscover them together.

  3. My son is so creative, he just doesn't think he is but he inspires me.

  4. The first poem I sold to Highlights was something I made up to encourage my son to write the letter "s."

  5. Your neice will love it!

    What a special thing.

    You're putting out all kinds of goodness.


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