February 27, 2011

The Scrumptiousness of Cloth Folds

I love cloth folds.

I like to squish the little folded mountain into oblivion; which pushes up more mountains to squish. Be it a pillow, curtain, or blanket, they're all savory to me.

I once thought I hated rituals.  They seemed cumbersome and limiting. I figured people who observed them just needed methods to make sense of their madness.

Then one day as I sat beside my husband crushing tiny mountains in his shirt, he said, "Why do you do that?"


"That."  He pointed to my hand.

I stopped mid-crushing.  "Um..."  I hadn't realized I was doing it.

From that point on, I took notice of my quirks. My odd rituals happened when I was stressed or sleepy; they acted as calming mechanisms.

I found I have writing rituals too.  I don't like writing until after I have a hot drink--usually coffee and a sniff from my pillow (yes, I sniff things like books and pillows; not the bad stuff).

Rituals help us shift our thoughts onto what we're doing next.  Like the five minute warning our mom gave to put our toys up.  It allows us to disengage and move on to another activity.  It's the embers to a new fire.

What about you?  Do you have rituals?


  1. Oh, I do!
    Milky tea in the morning... comfy socks while writing... the daily routine in the garden... the things I whisper to those I love at night... Rituals are the threads that weave a wonderful life.

  2. This is a delightful post taking us into a unknown area of your feelings. What a Pandora's box you have opened as we now contemplate our own foibles. I will have to think about mine and I am not sure I can share them!

  3. I used to love to play in the folds of blankets when I was little. I imagined mountains, towns, villages and roads in the creases and lumps as I drifted off to sleep.

  4. I can so relate, I love beautiful textures too. I was discussing these rituals that with my family at dinner the other night, and it seems we all have those little rituals that we don't usually think or speak about....fascinating!

  5. It all harks back to the old "blanket". You probably sat by the dryer waiting for it to dry. My niece had a certain blanket she folded to death, but she loved to hold the satin binding between her fingers. All her life she bought blankets like that just for her bed.

    Me. Oh I'm sure I don't have any rituals. Just kidding. I moved my coffee pot this morning to the other side of the kitchen, and I'm already preparing myself for the shock when I fix breakfast tomorrow.

  6. I love this take on the fire prompt, and the awareness you've brought of my own little rituals that I really hadn't considered before. Excellent post!!

  7. Love your post. As a person who thrives on rituals (OCD maybe ha ha) I can complete relate.

  8. I do. I like to peel things, like glue or tape off of things.

    The only real writing ritual I have is to make sure my desk is relatively clear before I begin. And I like a Diet Coke at hand.

  9. Absolutely! Always a mint tea and an open window when I sit down at my computer..it's funny when I first read your post title I thought it said - 'The Scrumptiousness of Cloud Froths'...wouldn't it be great if we could nestle clouds like a pillow.. Jae

  10. Rituals? Just ask my wife, I drive her mad.
    My tapping a tea spoon to a rhythm after stirring; tapping a FILTER cigarette on my thumbnail before lighting it; etc, etc, etc, etc.

  11. Hmmm my rituals... I think I have to have every thing in perfect order when I want to clear my head and write!


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