February 3, 2010

Wing Tip #7: Micro-Movements

Ever thought "if only I had more time to write" or "I just need fifteen more minutes"?  Well, let micro-move-ments help you.  This excerpt is taken from SARK's book, Juicy Pens, Thirsty Paper (Love that title!):

I invented a method that I use to get writing onto paper.  It's called micro-move-ments.  It's so simple that it appears it can't really work effectively.  Writers commonly assign themselves HUGE projects and then get discouraged when it doesn't fit into "real life".  It's so powerful it's the reason I have 14 published books.  Prior to micromovements, I specialized in "talking about writing" to anyone who would listen, until their eyes glazed over.

Micro-move-ment: 5 sec - 5 min in length
Gentle date and time written down: Gentle means flexible
This creates a "habit of completion": Your writer's mind will note that something is being done with your writing
*If you start and 5 minutes isn't enough, just keep going!

Here are some of her examples:

TUE  8 pm Sharpen 20 pencils
SAT  7 pm Meet friend for tea, discuss literature
MON 7 am Turn on computer, title File: Novel
WED 2 pm Move book pages out of bottom drawer

Sounds simple, huh?  Almost too simple.  But then I don't have fourteen books to my name.  So today my micro-move-ment is polishing my opening paragraph.

Do micro-move-ments seem appealing to you?  Why or why not?

(FTC disclaimer: Unless stated otherwise, the books reviewed have either been purchased from a bookstore or borrowed from the local library.)


  1. micromovements - yes, I think I need this today - haven't written anything in a few days.

  2. You awesome blogger friend, you! This may be a partial answer to the writing woes I shared in yesterday's post. Wa-hooo! :-)

  3. Mary, me too!
    Shannon, I hope it does help! That's funny, I was just posting a comment on YOUR blog.

  4. I love this advice, because I find myself saying, well, I don't have four hours so I can't work on my novel. Yet I can farm, bake in cafeworld, read blogs and visit a forum in only 15. I need to tell myself that I can work on five pages in fifteen minutes too. :) Thanks!

  5. Do you know this kind of thing irritates me beyond belief...I have no problem doing it, its the find time...she says until she thinks some more about it and then concedes that yes, okay, I haven't actually *done* anything on my novel for a couple of days and if I'd just written 5 words, that would surely have spurred me on to write more, to find the time...

    So yes, I like this idea, this idea of just doing something, anything each day towards that goal. I would imagine it is very self perpetuating and yet the lack of strict word counts that puts me off some days when I know I wont have time to do that much, is refreshing. I think you have another convert.

  6. I think it's a great idea. Do what you can do when you can do it. We all know that sometimes a single words is all the inspiration we need. That and the fact that really, is there ever enough time to write? Taking whatever we can get and making use of it sounds like a great idea.

  7. Great idea! Instead of hopping on blogs for the 10 minutes I have, I should be working on my WIP. That's like a slap in the head. LOL! Why didn't I think of that?

  8. Seems like this process could be applicable to all sorts of areas of my life that I tend to get overwhelmed by!

  9. Oooh, I like that concept. That's how i started running. A little bit at a time and now i can't believe how far i run now.

  10. Love this! Little bites can lead to big bites, right? but does this mean I have to stop reading for today? waaah!

  11. Yes, because of lack of time!

    Hey, Catherine! It's great to meet you! Patti sent me over! I look forward to getting to know you!

  12. Elana, exactly!
    Heather, so glad you converted. ;)
    jd, "sometimes a single word is all the inspiration we need"--I like that!
    Anissa, ouch that hurt. I don't like anything messing with my blogging time. :)
    Bttrfly, I know! So why aren't I in excellent shape?
    Jennifer, I needed to hear that.
    Brenda, stop reading? No! THAT's your micromovement, right?
    Kristin, it's great to meet you too! I'll have to thank Patti.

  13. Hey, Catherine! Just wanted to stop in and let you know that I left something for you over at my blog. Hope you're having a great weekend!

  14. Micromovements. Brilliant. Why is it that even after reading this, I am still writing you a comment and going to most likely continue to blog-stalk other unsuspecting victims?
    Oh, well, I am trying to give myself a small break. Just finished my first YA MS. Stop by and check out my blog if you feel so inlcined. I love meeting other writers, even if causes distraction and my favorite - procrastination!

  15. Kimberly, thank you! :)
    Tiffany, I completely connect with your blogging distractions.


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