January 18, 2010

Without Defining It

Storytelling reveals meaning without committing the error of defining it. --Hannah Arendt

I rebel when someone tries to TELL me something through a story.  But I learn countless ideas through stellar writing. 

I don't try to teach a lesson in my writing, but sometimes my opinions shine through and it takes effort to erase it.

Do you struggle with your "lessons" showing through?  Or do you write for sheer pleasure, no lesson intended?


  1. I hope I don't pontificate, but stories do have messages. Otherwise, they'd be flat, without dimension. Hopefully, we can weave the message in organically so it is natural to the characters and not the author's voice shouting out. I suppose that's where our crit buddies come in and tell us if we are standing on a soap box. Gah! There are so many horses to drive through the writing process, I'm sometimes overwhelmed.

  2. That's true Tricia. You explained it well. :)

  3. New templates can be tricky sometimes, especially when going between browsers. I remember pouring countless hours working on a great template for mine, then when I implamented it and loaded it up at home on Firefox (I used internet explorer to build it) it was sized funny and all messed up. I tossed it and just used a precon template... ugh

  4. This is a cute design!! Sorry it's been a headache!

  5. Void, I hear your pain. So frustrating!
    M. Gray, thank you. I guess it's worth it now. ;)


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