January 18, 2010

Revised YET Again!

Oh my gosh.  I didn't think re-doing my blog would be so hard.  I'm obviously blog template illiterate.  BUT, I think I've got the comment bar problem figured out.  Let me know.

Thanks for your patience through all my changes!


  1. I seriously love this new look! Hopefully it'll all work the way you want it to. :-)

  2. It's great that your comment bar is working again. I know what you mean, I think I'm also template illiterate but your's looks fantastic now. well done. Now I need to change mine too.
    God bless you.

  3. Looks great! When you get it all figured out, will you teach me? :)

  4. I LOOOOOOVEEEE the picture at the top....but I will admit that I find the green square background hard to read. That being said... I normally read all blogs on Google Reader where I don't see the backgrounds anyway... so don't change it for me! :)

  5. Yay! Comments are working! :) Like this one too!

  6. I learned everything from scratch, too. What I'd still like to know is how to get three columns.

  7. Looks good!!! Pic looks great with the colors of the background and sides!!

  8. Shannon, thanks. Me too!
    Geoff, good luck. As you can see I stumbled through it.
    DL, lol still don't think I've got it all figured out but I'd be happy to help however I could.
    Valerie, thanks! tee-hee :)
    Sarah Ann, YAY! I know, it's so great to hear from you guys again.
    Stephanie, thank you. The colors captured me on this one.

  9. Catherine - must be great to have your twin around - have you always been very close?

    Just when I was getting back into posting often enough, you tell me that this is unplugged week?!!

  10. I don't have the social network yet, large enough in size, to require that I unplug. I stopped facebooking for the most part and I don't twitter..........yet.......
    So, I don't have much to unplug from yet.

    I'm working on stuff for my creative writing class at the moment.

    P.S. Twins!? Really. That's so awesome :)

  11. Pale Observer, lol. Yes, we've always been close. I consider myself lucky. Well, maybe you don't need to unplug yet but someday soon you'll need to join those of us who must STEP AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER.
    Voidwalker, way to go on your stuff for the creative writing class! Those assignments aren't easy. And yes, twins. Really. I wouldn't lie to you. Maybe she can guest blog someday.


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