December 18, 2009

Wing Tip #3: The Glitter of Giving

 At the elementary school where I work, a young student paused to look at me.  She wore a coy look on her cherub five-year-old face.  At first I thought she was smirking at my hat (the Santa Claus kind).  I smiled back.  She grinned and something about her eyes glittered.  It puzzled me as she walked away with her half-smile.

A few moments later, I came upon the girl's mother.

"Oh wait," said the mother.  "I've got something for you from Jordan."  She handed me a gift, a sweet little something.  And I knew this is what had ignited those glittering eyes.  She knew I'd be receiving her present.

What is it about giving to others that makes us sparkle?  How does it leave us feeling lighter, happier, and more worthy?  (Bet you can guess my tip for the day.)

Wing tip #3:  Give.
(Not that any of you need me telling you this.  You already give so much through your blogs, but bear with me.)  Give from your knowledge, your stories, and your ideas.  Share with the world what you've gleaned.  Maybe you'll help some fledgling writer learn how to format their manuscript.  Or how to query.  Or what books are the best to read.  Maybe you'll inspire a young child.

And maybe, if all of us give like Jordan, the world could be a brilliant blaze of glittery eyes.


  1. I love the idea of the world being "a brilliant blaze of glittery eyes". I can picture this whole story so clearly in my teacher-brain - I cherish those moments.

    One of my special needs students gave me a card and some cookies today, and you could just tell he believed he was giving me the world. Another of them threw his arms around me (these kids are 17 y.o.) and smiled as he wished me Merry Christmas. I feel so blessed by them and by my regular ed. students.

    Children are the role models for us at this time of year. They are the masters of giving, especially of giving unconditionally.

    Great post, Catherine. :)

  2. Giving really is more blessed than receiving, unless by receiving you are talking about getting a phone call from that agent you queried 7 months ago, who is ready to sign you. LOL

  3. Shannon, your students sound so sweet. I agree that children are the role models this time of year.

    Voidwalker, exactly! LOL

  4. "brilliant blaze of glittery eyes" I love it. Yes giving can be the smallest of things. Take being honest, you can give so much to a person and yourself if people would just be honest.

    I love your wing tips.

  5. GWOI - Honesty is a HUGE deal to me (my eldest daughter's name means truth). You are so right.

  6. Think about this: God gave you life before you even knew what life was, then his son gave you forgiveness for not knowing and gave you life forevermore. Guess what the look in his eye is.
    I realy enjoy your blogs. Thank you from a freezing London but normaly from a sunny Cape Town.


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