December 16, 2009

Frostbitten Uvulas

We've been passing around some sort of virus/flu at my house.  My husband has it now which is unusual because he never gets sick.  I shared the following story on another blog but I love it, so I'll share it again:

My son was eating a popsicle and he said, "My uvula has frostbite."  That phrase has become our running mantra for the illness.  Especially since we've gone through several boxes of popsicles and many homeade ones as well.

AND I'm gettting ready for a Christmas party we're supposed to have on Saturday night.  (Yes, I bought several cans of Lysol to spray everything down)  The house is halfway ready, but I want it glowing.  That's code for "not-gonna-be-writing-blogs-much-this-week".  So I'll see you on the other side. :)


  1. Have a great week and feel better! We'll miss you. ;-)

    I started laughing just reading the title.

    And even though you're not going to be writing as many blogs this week, make sure you check mine on Friday morning.

  3. I feel your uvula's pain. Same kind of stuff happening at our house... hugs!

  4. Shannon, I'll be checking in on blogs just not writing my own. I won't be completely absent. :)

    SarahAnn, I will definitely be checking on Friday. My curiosity is highly peeked!

    Diane, yeah but we haven't had to endure the stomach stuff. Hugs back to you.

    Jennifer, thanks. I hope I get to throw it. lol

  5. I'm sorry your sick... and I hate the word uvula. :P

  6. I think I'll tell my son we're going to freeze his uvula tonight. He tends to overreact to things he doesn't understand. This will be fun *insert evil laugh*.

  7. Sick kids and a party to plan--that's about my worst nightmare! Hope you get feeling better and everything turns out lovely!

  8. Mary, you'll have to tell me how it turned out. ;)

    Natalie, mine too! lol


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