December 31, 2009

Picture Resolutions

New beginnings are cleansing.  Like a newborn baby, or a new jar of peanut butter, or a first line in a story (you saw that coming, right?) there is nothing like a fresh start. Having said that, let me share my resolutions:

1.     Write 1,000 words five days a week using Write or Die.

2.     Tidy up the house (with the wisdom of Flylady).

3.     Set time limits - more time for family.

4.     USE my calendar (and the word "no").

"No, I'm sorry but I just CAN'T."

5.     Work on my art journal.

6.     Get rid of STUFF!

7.     Take family somewhere beautiful for vacation.

8.     Edit and submit my WIP.

My dearest Editor,

Happy New Year my sweet friends!!  I hope it brings you growth, happiness, beauty and life.


  1. I love these. So fun and original to do it through pictures :) I think my favorite is number seven... I need to do that too!

    A very happy and successful New Year to you, and thanks for being such loyal follower on my blog :)

  2. Diana, it's mine too! I haven't been to the ocean in such a long time. (pine, pine)

    It's been fun and enlightening reading your posts. You make it easy to follow you! ;)

  3. Catherine you have just made making resolutions fun. I have never seen it done with pictures, very effective.
    Happy New Year.

  4. Diane, it's the best way to get me to do anything--make it fun. lol

  5. I think I might try that flylady. I like her baby steps. Good luck with all your goals and Happy New Year!

  6. Mary, she's inspiring. But if you sign up for her newsletter, I'd suggest getting the ONE digest per day. Otherwise your email box gets really full.

  7. Love the resolutions and the pics! How creative and fun! Love the cuties in #3, the motto in #4, the artistic drawing in #5 and I am looking forward to celebrating with you on #8!!

  8. Heartsjoy, thanks for being my number one supporter.

  9. Happy New Year, Catherine! My resolutions are to finish my novel (not much left on first draft, but I'm already itching to do revisions, of course) and to Calm Down and Keep Going in my day to day life. Life with a little one is one stressful moment after another, but I must not forget to enjoy them!

  10. Tone, your little guy is so precious. Drink it up! I love the stages my kids are at now, but there's something so tender about a baby.

    A friend once told me to edit my manuscript in the waiting times (doctors, school, practices) and that way I'd be able to write through motherhood. That one piece of advice has really helped me.

  11. Oh, dear. My resolution to "eat more cupcakes" is looking pretty cheesy now. :)

    I love the idea of putting visuals with resolutions!

  12. Eating more cupcakes could never be cheesy. Well...unless they were cheesecake cupcakes.


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