December 4, 2009

Armed Robber in My Front Yard

So an odd thing happened a few days ago when the kids and I got home from school.  Two police cars were sitting in the road near our mailbox.  One policeman yelled for everyone to get inside.  I scuttled the kids into the house and we watched through the blinds as four more police cars arrived.  Sniffing dogs emerged.

Come to find out, a man committed armed robbery then ran from the police.  After a bit of a chase, he pulled into my neighbor's driveway, abandoned his car and took off running.  They found him. (We saw him, unconscious in the police car).  The getaway car was towed (for evidence I suppose). Paramedics came to check out the unconscious robber before the police hauled him off.

And we watched it all happen from our front picture window.

My daughter popped popcorn.
(Not really)

Now I'm dying to work this into a story...

What crazy life situations have given you story ideas?


  1. that is awesome! and not awesome at the same time! :) I'm glad you guys were okay.

    I read through the news ... not really to know what's going on in the world, but to find weird stories or particularly awful ones... I save them for later. Maybe they'll come in handy some day.

  2. Sarah Ann - my sentiments exactly!

    Valerie - that's a great idea! I should be saving up.

  3. Oh wow. I don't think I'd want inspiration to get THAT up close and personal! Glad you guys are okay.

    Anyway, I tagged you for a meme. Come to my blog if you want to play :)


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