December 2, 2009

Honest Scrap Award!

A Squirrel Amongst Lions awarded me this Honest Scrap Award.  (Hee-hee, it's my first award)  Thank you Girl with One Eye!  Honest Scrap is given to blogs that speak from the heart.  (Aww)  I'm so honored.  The rules for Honest Scrap are: I must tell 10 honest things about myself and award 10 other blogs.  (Rubbing my hands together...this'll be so much fun!)  I'm going to begin with the awards.

*Drumroll*  Ahem.  I would like to award:

Supermom Is Dead:  You make me laugh till I cry or snort!
Grow Wings: You give me vision for what I'd like to be.
MusingsI love pondering life with you.
Lille FnuggYou and your little guy make me smile.
Storyqueen's Castle: You're ten steps ahead of me and I love learning from you.
Tinkerart: Your artwork and words inspire me.  AND I love of course I'd love Tinkerart!
Sue Turner ArtYou bring beauty to my world.
Something to Write AboutYou give me, well, something to write about.  Corny, but true.
Robin's NestI love escaping into your stories.
Stephanie PerkinsYour candor and motivation amaze me.

I probably could have gone on and on (I tried to pick blogs I didn't think already had the award)...but I'll stop here at the ten mark.

And now, for my ten honest things:
  1. I'm messy.  If you could see my'd agree.
  2. I bite my nails.  Ugh.  A disgusting habit, but I've heard as a writer it's great to have something quirky about yourself--maybe that will suffice.
  3. I sniff books.  Can't help it.  That sweet aroma just pulls me in.
  4. I'm an extroverted introvert.  My twin sister and Mom taught me how to small talk.
  5. I snort when I laugh really hard.
  6. I'm lactose intolerant.
  7. I watch the Disney channel when I'm alone and I like Miley Cyrus.  (I know, I'm a freak)
  8. My best writing music comes from soundtracks.  My favorites are: Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Lord of the Rings.  (Fantasy writer, can you tell?)
  9. I dream big and fall hard.
  10. I want 100 followers by the end of 2010.  See what I mean about dreaming big?
Thanks to all my blog friends for what you bring to my life each day!


  1. Wowzer, yowzer!! For me? :) Thank you! And not corny in the least bit.

  2. You're so darn cute! I didn't think to put a little commentary after each blog I awarded, that was really special.

    I like what you have to say and I think you are a good hearted person.

  3. Wow - why, thank you, Catherine - I feel so honored! However, in the spirit of honesty, I have to say Miz Tinkerbell and I aren't any relation ;) - but it appears from your list, you and I have some things in common!

  4. Valerie - "Wowzer, yowzer" made me laugh. Can I use that?

    Girl with One Eye - You gave me an award, called me cute and good-hearted--I may have to make you my new best friend.

    Tinker - It's're stand alone awesome anyway. ;) Things in common, hmmmm, I bet you're a book sniffer too.

  5. Hi Catherine, thanks for following my blog :) Your blog is great, and I really like your ten things. You know, I watch Disney Channel and like Miley Cyrus too, we can be freaks together lol!

  6. Diana - another freak? Oh goody! Do you think admitting it gets us any closer to sanity?

  7. I have the first three in common with you. And I hit the Follow button today, so you're a little bit closer to 10. I bet you'll make it. :)

  8. Hee-hee. Myrna, we can be messy, quirky and sniffy together. Thanks for helping my numbers.

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