September 16, 2009

Job or Hobby?

I've enjoyed focusing on my book and writing for leisure. But with the economic market going crazy, I've decided to try making money at it. If I need a job, why not make work in the writing industry, yeah? Yes, (sigh) I know the quote about the starving artist. Don't like it.

I'm setting my sights on more than fiction. Learning about the huge market of non-fiction, it seems the lucrative path to pursue. History is part of that option so...being that I LOVE history, I may actually enjoy it. And since 1/2 of all the books I read are "how-to", maybe I was born to do this.

We'll see...I'll let you know. I've got lots of stories, articles and queries out there right now. Well, a lot for me. For a month I've been sending 2-5 of them each week. With fingers crossed plowing the mail carrier each day, maybe there's a check coming soon.

Hey, what's a writer without an imagination?

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