March 5, 2009

Happy Reading!

I love reading. I suppose all writers do. Lately I've read lots of new books for the Library Adult Reading Program; and am soaking in thier beautiful words along with the nail-biting stories.

It always refreshes me as a person. I'm happier and nicer to be with when I'm in the midst of a great story. Like the beginning of a new love, opening the fresh pages of a novel seems like finding a new life.

These are some of my newest reads:

Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr - Take Twilight, make the vampires fairies, subtract over mushy plotline and add better writing--voila, you've got this book. It's wonderful!

Magyk by Angie Sage - Likeable, daring, suspenseful and of course, dotted with magic! I rooted for the main characters right away--no one is too perfect but all delightfully brave. The book is not too dark, so it's great for young audiences.

Stolen by the Sea by Anna Myers - This book had me from page one. It's based on a hurricane in Galveston during the early 1900's. The suspense was wonderfully drawn and the time period believable. Beautiful story of friendship sewn together with tragedy.

When great books feed me, I find creative ideas spilling over the riverbanks. I must go write. Happy Reading!

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