April 10, 2018

New Beginnings

New Beginnings I'm at a new phase in life and feel a little lost. My kids are leaving the nest and I suddenly have a lot more time on my hands. I look ahead and wonder what to do with my life. I have causes I want to support, and pursuits I've never pursued at the level I want to. There's so many things I want to do. I already have a part-time job I love, working as a receptionist at my son's high school, but I definitely want to focus on writing, creating, personal growth and physical health with the rest of my time.

Writing has always been a passion of mine, but in the past I've worked on it in waves instead of keeping a consistent practice. I've always dreamed of writing books and I want to take that dream seriously. I have a need to express myself.  So my focus will be to simply practice the art of writing/documenting, send off articles and build my writing skills.

Creating art comes in at a close second to writing. I love so many forms of creativity: painting, hand-lettering, singing, doodling, drawing, acting, coloring, knitting, dancing, stamping, chalking, playing, embroidering, and on. Practicing this one comes easy for me, I find it easier to do everyday because it's easier to start and stop. I want to focus on drawing and doodling; I'd also like to continue learning ukulele.

Personal growth is an obsession with me. My personality leans towards analyzing, so it easily transfers to my own behavior. I enjoy the puzzle of learning how to live better, react better, work better and any other kind of improvement. I feel a bit smothered if I don't have something to work towards. I want to continue pursuing that, sharing the tips and resources I find helpful.

Health is a hard one for me. Of course I want to be healthy, but this has always eluded me. I've held the wrong belief that I'm not a "health nut". Somewhere I started believing that if you were a healthy person then you weren't fun. I know that's totally ridiculous, but deep down I believed it and I've worked to change that wrong belief. Over the past year I've been alternating between eating vegetarian and/or vegan and I feel better. But I think I've been a bit of a junk-food vegan and I'm trying to eat more whole foods now. I'd also love to be in better shape, so I need to incorporate an exercise program that I can make a habit of my daily routine.

Sharing I'll be sharing my journey here and on social media to have accountablity. Sharing online helps me stay focused.

How do you handle transition? Have you ever wondered what to be when you grew up ~ even at middle age?

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