May 11, 2016

Extraordinary Ordinary Moments

Taxiing my son to a friend's house, the sky caught my attention. Rain clouds scalloped the horizon. A startling shade of blue rolled across it like water. It reminded me of my eldest daughter's eyes ~ eyes that stop people in their tracks when she looks at them. She has power in those eyes, she sees what others don't.

The phone dings and I glance down to see a text from my youngest daughter. She's alerting me that she's leaving babysitting and headed home. I can picture her hair pulled to the top of her head with gorgeous ringlets falling around her temple. She texts dutifully to keep me from worrying. I'm fully aware she did not inherit her responsible, organized ways from me, which makes me admire her more.

My son sits beside me with his knees skimming the dashboard even with the seat pushed back. I have a hard time not talking to him like he's eight instead of fifteen. It's agony to keep myself from reminding him again about drinking enough water or applying sunscreen. We sit in silence as he chooses songs from his phone to fill the car. It doesn't escape my notice he's choosing songs he knows I like. A small thing, but it sends ripples of love my way and I'm reminded he's not eight.

Simple moments. 

Nothing special or exciting about them. But they offer up something sacred ~ a connection. Each moment strung together into a lifetime of moments. Each person in the world having moments just like this. An overwhelming rush of oneness slides through me and my eyes get watery. It's a tender reminder that ordinary moments are the moments. They are not to be overlooked or forgotten. They are extraordinary

Embrace your ordinary moments today.


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