May 1, 2015

Five May Goals

First, let's see how I did last month:

1. See the movie, Insurgent. Nope. The easiest one, and I couldn't quite make it happen. I guess it wasn't a priority.

2. Read two more books. Not really a hard goal to finish, I read some really good ones this month!

3. Get a more organized routine in my daily life. I've been able to implement a more permanent work time in the morning with the help of an accountability partner. I have three solid days a week that I'm getting writing done and I feel more like this is becoming routine.

4. Focus on photography. Last month I shared that I was starting a fun photo project to help me practice photography. I'm calling it Photo Tales. There were two this month, Coffee Break and Takeover.

5. Share more daily life photos. I've incorporated more daily life photos into my Much Love Monday posts and I'm really happy about that. I love capturing moments that I might otherwise overlook.

That's four out of five again! I'm on a 4/5ths roll!

Now for May! What is it about this month that makes me believe I can garden? I kill plants so easily. Cacti are my friends because they're the only plants that last around me. But come spring, I always feel optimistic about growing a garden of some kind. I kept a Stevia plant alive quite awhile last year, maybe this'll be my golden growing year.

1. Plant something, obviously. :D

2. Play with sidewalk chalk. I love having a fun creative message on my porch wall. The last one is still going strong but I'm ready for a change.

3. Practice my lettering. I tend to do this naturally, I love improving my handwriting and making it my own. With this book, I'd like to practice a few new lettering skills I've learned and branch out a bit more.

4. Work on an art journal. I spent time putting fun papers into an adorable binder I bought at Target and I'd like to fill it with memories or photos. This project will be a little different from my Log Book because it'll be more artistic and colorful.

5. Enjoy my Dad's book. I'm so proud of my Dad. He's been working five years on this book. It's his story of fighting in Vietnam. He never talked about this much while I was growing up; in fact he's such a sweet easy-going guy that no one imagined the battles he'd faced. This book is a giant peek into a part of his life I only knew pieces of and I look forward to soaking it in.

What are you hoping to do this month? Any small or big goals?


  1. And cacti are the only plants that I regularly kill, how weird is that?! Well done on your 4/5ths. :)

  2. Congrats on your 4/5ths! I'm adding your dad's book to my Goodreads and plan to get a copy for my husband. What an honor it will be to read his story. Please thank him for us.


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