October 10, 2014

There is Much, Much More

Nature fascinates me. There's an intersection in our town where hundreds upon hundreds of birds congregate on wires and roofs. The reason this amazes me is because just a bit down the road there are no birds on wires, no sight of them anywhere.

It's as if they have an understanding that that's where they hang out or meet-up. And if you roll your windows down while waiting for the light to change, you can hear the intensity of them chattering to each other. Some fly in, while others fly off with their friends. It's a constant circulation of birds. It's like a bird coffee shop. There is a McDonald's at the intersection too, so maybe they're just waiting for a spare fry to drop on the ground. But nevertheless, I'm spellbound watching them at that light.

The photo above is something we found on a hike through the Colorado mountains. My kids found it and thought it looked a bit like a dragon's face, which made me love it.

I'm not really a camping type of girl, but even so, there has always been something about nature that calmed me. When I feel stressed, worked up or upset about something, stepping outdoors gives me relief. Just hearing the stillness of the air, the chatter of creatures or feeling the wind tickle my arm; there is something calming about it all.

It reminds me that I'm not all there is. There is much, much more.

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  1. “We should not be so surprised at the intimate link between ourselves and growing things. Our bodies offer a parallel to the biological structure of plants in several ways. We both have a vascular system (our blood their sap); they are affected by the pull of the moon, as are not only the tides but the movement of cytoplasm in our own bodies; we, too, respond to warmth and cols. We are dependent on water. When we think of plants, we feel empathy.”
    ~ Marjorie Harris
    (The Healing Garden)

    thought you would like this quote Catherine...

    love and light


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