October 8, 2014

Books I'm Reading

Seems like my latest reads have centered around women and/or leadership. I'm intrigued by both. I just finished reading Seth Godin's Linchpin and am currently reading Sheryl Sandburg's Lean In.

Linchpin shows cracks in  the workplace systems. It inspires us to flourish where we are and become indispensable. I love how he shows the fallacy in our ways of operating within a system that no longer works. He challenges us to think at the edge of the box. I highlighted half the book! So good.

I'm about halfway through Lean In; it's poking holes in how I think of women in the workplace (and I thought I was a forward thinker!). Her statistics are sobering and enlightening. She encourages women in all careers to lean in instead of pulling back. It's inspiring and uplifting. She also has an amazing Ted Talk that you should definitely check out!

My niece really encouraged me to start reading The Maze Runner by James Dashner so that's next on my list! It sounds exciting.

What have you been reading lately?


  1. I enjoyed the Maze Runner for the action and suspense, though the writing style wasn't my favorite. I read the whole trilogy fairly recently. I just finished reading The Boy on the Porch by Sharon Creech, who is probably my favorite middle grade author. My current read is Drums, Girls and Dangerous Pie, at the insistence of my teenage daughter.

    1. Rebecca, I love Sharon Creech too! Such an incredible writer. Good to know your thoughts on the Maze Runner trilogy. I haven't heard of the last one you're reading, may have to check it out. I enjoy reading most children/young adult fiction.


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