September 1, 2014

Five September Goals

This upcoming season is my favorite of the whole year! I love the explosion of colorful leaves, the cooler weather, the cuddling and hot drinks. It just all feels so homey. Sweet, beloved, autumn.

But first let's see how well I did last month:

1. Read Show Your Work and get super inspired!  I did! And it lived up so much. I may re-read it this month just to let it soak in further. I highly recommend this book!

2. Paint three new paintings (at least!).  Three was a good number because I accomplished that no problem. {Here are a few of them}I really hoped to do much more, but with my kids starting school that didn't happen.

3. Add one new movement to my day. Yes! Honestly I figured yoga would be the new movement, but dog-walking ended up being my most consistent activity! It's good for me and good for Ron Weasley (my dog).

4. Go on an adventure to see the blue whale.  I didn't get to the blue whale this month. The heat rose incredibly around the time we were going to go and no one wanted to visit in the melting heat. Maybe when it's cooler...

5. Open a business bank account. Done! I don't know why I was procrastinating this, it was painless. The lady at the bank was so fun, we just clicked. I ended up staying there awhile because we were chatting so much. May've made a new friend in the process!

It seems 4/5 may be my groove, ha. But that's better than zero, right?

Now, on to September!

1. Find a no-sugar recipe for Pumpkin Spice latte, or pumpkin bread (or pumpkin anything). I'm trying to break my sugar addiction so I'd like to have some options when my favorite foods tempt me.

2. Write 5000 words on a secret project. I haven't written much in the last few years except for here on the blog. There was a time I was writing a LOT but then needed to let go of it for a season (or several) for other priorities. Now, I'm free to pursue writing again and I've been enjoying it!

3. Read The Goldfinch. I've heard great reviews about this book. I love a story I can lose myself in! I limit my fiction reading because I'm obsessive on finishing a book once I start it. But sometimes I indulge my love of fiction and this is one I want indulge! 

4. Put my books back on bookshelves. Since we had work done on our house in the Spring, I still haven't put all my books back. I've reduced my library quite a bit, but still have a few boxes of books I need to go through or put up.

5. Paint three more paintings (or more!). I'm really hoping I'll have time for much more than three, but we'll see. :)

What are you hoping to do in September?

{See August's goals here and October's goals here}


  1. I really enjoy reading about your goals. It inspires me to set goals too! I'm sorry you didn't get to see a blue whale. I can relate in that I've tried to see a moose every time we vacation in northern Minnesota. But the moose never seem to want to see me!

    I'll have to think about some goals for September. Happy fall!

    1. Thanks Rebecca! I didn't used to be a goal setter, but I've realized I actually try to get things done if I've written them down. So maybe goal-setting works for me. I cracked up at your comment "the moose never seemed to want to see me", haha. The Illusive Moose, that sounds like a book title!


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