August 29, 2014

Mini-{Sister}-Style: 10 = 16

Today I've got a special treat! My sister volunteered to let me create a mini-style capsule from her wardrobe. She generously allowed me to photograph her and post it here on the blog. That's a sister for ya! Most of you know, but if not, she's my twin sister. :)

We created these looks from ten pieces: a checkered blouse, tank top, floral blouse, bohemian blouse, polka-dot blouse, red jeans, shorts, maxi skirt, dress, and cardigan. Here are some closer shots of the outfits:

I love her various patterns, they were so fun to play with! Patterns are fantastic, especially if you enjoy a more monochromatic wardrobe. They're easy to mix because the consistent colors tie outfits together but the pattern creates interest. It's a fun way to spice your wardrobe capsule and help it stretch further.

Hope you enjoyed this month's mini-sister-style! Wishing you a great weekend.

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