August 15, 2014

Paint + Words

I have a passion for both art and words. But I've hesitated about putting words on my paintings because I felt it was too childish or that maybe people might not get it or think it was silly or maybe just not artsy enough.

But the truth is, I adore children's art; people don't always "get" me; I am silly and I can be the one to determine artsy-enough. Why shouldn't my art reflect these parts of me? So I'm letting it. And you know what? I love it. I love putting little thoughts on my paintings. I love handwriting them. Even as a little girl, I enjoyed hours of handwriting. (Doesn't everyone?)

So now my art and words are colliding into something that feels very vulnerably me, although it looks very playful. I think it feels vulnerable because I'm opening my heart in a new way.

It feels good ~ it feels right; so I'm sticking with it. I'm also working hard to have a pre-opening of my shop by the end of this month for blog readers and Facebook fans. I know it's taken awhile, but I've had a big learning curve. I'll let you in on my struggles later. For now, I'm just painting as often as I can so I'll have my shop full by launch!

Hope you enjoyed these peeks!


  1. Hi Catherine! I love your pairings. I particularly like the one about being courageous. It evokes a larger story.

    1. Thank you so much, Melissa! I love how you said, "It evokes a larger story"! That's exactly what I wanted, for these to be a glimpse into their story ~ our stories.


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