August 20, 2014

Nobody's Perfect ~ Do You Believe That?

Nobody's perfect. I've heard those words many times, but the truth is, I struggle with believing other people can achieve perfection and do.

I look at others and assume their success, their thriving gardens, their beautiful homes, their intimate relationships just...happened. That they, in their perfect worlds, didn't have to fight or work for it.

I imagine they come home from work each day to a beautiful home that never gets messed up and that their garden thrives with the rain of a thousand thunderstorms...

You get the point. Now of course I don't consciously think this, but I find myself believing it when I'm struggling. When I start to compare myself and think things like, "I'll never, I can't, I don't..." All those negative thoughts that don't get me anywhere but sitting on the side of my dreams doing nothing, going nowhere.

And even though I will tell you all day that nobody's perfect, I still have to punch those feelings away that there are people who are. I've learned to recognize the signs and stop myself mid-thought. My best attack method is being grateful. It's impossible to focus on what's not perfect when you're bubbling with gratefulness for your life.

So even though those thoughts still pop up, I'm learning to counter them by soaking in the beauty of life right now; while imperfect, it's full of gorgeous moments I need to notice.

If this is a struggle for you too, how do you fight against believing in perfection?

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