June 13, 2014

Lately... the beginning of summer

Drinking coffee on the porch is one of my favorite transitions into warmer weather. Of course, when the temperatures climb to meltingly-hot my coffee will be iced.

My eldest graduated high school. Isn't she stunning? I might be a tiny bit proud. This girl has enough moxie to take over the world.

Can you spot him? Silliness is a mandate of summer, and I love that he's not "too cool" to be silly.

We all went to see movies and mine was Malificent, which was magnificent! Seriously, you should go see it.

Rolling on our new carpet ~ we all took a turn. Nothing makes you grateful for carpet like cold, dusty cement floors.

I laugh every time my youngest daughter strikes this pose. It's her spoof on posing for selfies. Don't you love her curls? She creates them so effortlessly. When she was little, her head was covered in ringlets, so she comes by it naturally I guess.

Hanging out with friends and celebrating another school year over.

This summer has been off to a great start now that we have all our things back in the house. I only have a few more boxes to unload before being completely unpacked. It's so heavenly to be home. I've been taking stuff to Goodwill like crazy, so we've reduced a huge portion of our belongings which makes it easier to find a place for everything and keep it neat. I have yet to swim in our neighborhood pool but I'm hoping soon, very soon.

How is your summer going, so far?

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