June 11, 2014

Five June Goals

Time to review last month's goals. Here's what I did/didn't accomplish in May:

1. Read a book outside. Check! It was lovely.

2. Get a cheap pedal exerciser to use under the desk while writing or watching movies. This didn't happen, but I'm hoping it will soon.

3. Paint my desk before moving it into my studio. No, but I did manage to decoupage it (that's close to painting, right?).

4. Grow an herb plant. Yes! Not one but three little plants growing in my kitchen window.

5. Have a picnic. No, but I plan to do this before it gets too hot.

Now for June goals, here we go:

1. Berry picking. This is on my list every year and I still haven't done it. Maybe this will be the year!

2. Decorate my house. With everything off the walls, it's given us a chance to have a fresh start. I've got some fun arrangements planned.

3. Clean up and cutify the backyard. I don't expect it to be landscape perfect, but I'd like to feel confident taking friends out there and not shutting the shades to hide "the jungle".

4. Finish some new upcoming features for this blog (hint: it involves capsule wardrobes)!

5. Swim. I love swimming and although my kids are old enough to go to the pool without me, I really want to get some time in the water before it turns warm as bath water in August.

What are you hoping to do this June?

{See May's goals here and July's goals here}


  1. Ha! I can TOTALLY relate the the backyard jungle. I dream of having such a beautifully landscaped backyard, but in all honestly, as long as it's mowed and I could have a few flowers and shrubs back there, I'd be happy. :-)

    Erika and I are going berry picking in the morning at Thunderbird Berry Farm in BA - they say they are overflowing with blueberries right now!

    1. Adrienne, I KNEW you'd know the best place for berry picking! And as for the backyard, right now if it's mowed and dog-poop free, I'm happy, but I hope to add some cheery cushions to our chairs eventually ~ and maybe hang some lights.

  2. A dog-poop free yard is always the most challenging part of making that yard "serene". Luckily I have a 2 1/2 year old that makes sure to help out with the daily poop patrol.

    p.s. combine the berry picking and picnic...

    1. Yes, I'd like to not have guests step in poop at my backyard cookouts; can I borrow your 2 1/2 year old? :) Berry picking AND a picnic? I like the way you think, Kimberly!


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