May 31, 2013

Drawing Animals

In my  attempt to work on drawing, I found a children's book about drawing animals. It started with a grid to show how to take apart what you SEE and break it into pieces to make it easier to draw.

The first exercise had a graph filled with jumbled pictures and numbers.

You were supposed to fill in an empty graph with the pictures where the numbers were.

The picture is upside-down and hard to figure out as you're drawing piece by piece.

When finished, I turned it right-side up and voila, the animal! It isn't perfect, but it certainly got the point across to me ~ small pieces does a big picture make.

Have you done an exercise like this before?


  1. Great exercise. Annette x

  2. I used to do those as a kid, fun!

  3. what an interesting exercise :)
    what was your book called?
    Id like to try :)


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