December 7, 2012

Celebrating a First

We celebrated my son's first year in football this week at a banquet thrown for his team. It's no secret I wasn't a fan of letting him start football. The chances of getting hurt are high. But, I agreed to try one year. I didn't expect him to grasp the game until the end of the season. He proved me wrong; he was unstoppable. And even though my protective mother's heart would rather he do something a bit less aggressive, I have to admit he enjoyed every moment of it. We've now moved into basketball season and I feel a bit more secure with this venue.

Each of these firsts remind me of past beginnings. It's difficult not to feel these childhood days are slipping by too quickly. I want to remember the smile on his face every time his teammates rallied around him, and the funny little jump he did after an amazing tackle. I don't want to be so caught up pining for the past of little fingers and slobbery hugs, that I forget to treasure the beauty of today. Tomorrow, I'll look back on this memory and pine for it. So instead of holding onto the past, I want to be present for it all.


  1. My son has to play rugby here at school. I think it 's kind of similar to your football. I don't like him having to do at all. But I guess I'm a Mum! Heather x

  2. Childhood DOES slip away so quickly...too fast for me most days. Probably why I like being a teacher. I get a chance to play in childhood a little longer.

    I do love it, though, when our little one spread their wings...


    1. I know, I still feel like I should be the girl, not the Mom. I love it too, once they're safely flying. :D


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