November 28, 2012

Photo an Hour: Birthday Edition

This is probably more of a gift-an-hour post rather than photo-an-hour, ha. I did much better this birthday at noticing each tiny moment; but not so well at taking a photo on the hour. It was a savory, relaxing day.
After morning coffee I had this sweet stack of presents waiting for me.
A coffee ring, literally. hee-hee. I think they know me. Isn't it the cutest??
Lindor chocolates? Oh yes, they know me. And in case you're wondering, I shared.
If you've followed me for long, you know how much I love Tink, or any fairy really. I can't wait to wear this!!
That evening we went to a Jamacian restaurant that I love and pretty much pigged out on curry chicken, plantains and festival bread. This photo naturally blurred yet I love how it subtly shows my family.
 We walked to some really cool shops and I loved almost everything in this one.
 See what I mean? Who couldn't love a felt camera case as adorable as this?
And who doesn't need a purse that says, "Love More"? It was kinda hard not to spend all my birthday money.
They had tons of candy, many of which we'd never seen. My husband made a game of it. He said he'd buy us all a candy bar of our choice but it had to be one we hadn't tried before. We scoured each bin and took forever to choose.
My daughter made this cake for our Thanksgiving dinner, but I sort of adopted it as my birthday cake. Kind of wish I could stick a finger in that icing right now. Such sweet moments in this one simple life.


  1. Happy Birthday my sweet friend
    well it looks like you and I have more in common than just our name...we are both Sagittarians : ) is Nov.28th your birthday?? or the 27th?
    Just wanting to know for next year so I can pop a card in the mail ; )
    snail to receive, even more fun to give!

    glad to see it was a wonderful day : )
    blessings to you this coming year

    love and light

    1. You are so sweet. It was actually the 21st, I'm just posting pictures now. When is/was yours?

  2. Seems like a lovely birthday :)

  3. Happy birthday Catherine! I can see it was wonderful and may you have many more.

  4. I can feel, smell, taste, see and hear. A sensory post. Happy belated birthday.

    1. Thank you, Peaches! I felt more aware and alive that day which probably played into all the senses. :)

  5. what a lovely day, sweet gifts and a lovely evening out, what more could you want!! Heather x

  6. Happy Belated Birthday! Looks like it was a good one!

  7. happy birthday looks like it was a great day :)

    your daughter is clever :)

    loving your Tink so beautiful :)


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