September 4, 2012

5 Great Posts on Finding Your Niche

When someone finds out you have a blog, their first question is, "What's your blog about?" They want to know what you write about--your niche. It's what makes you, you. It's the thing that sets your blog apart from all the rest. Some people know immediately what their niche is while others take awhile to find it. Here are some great posts to help you find and/or hone your blogging niche:

1. How to Find Your Niche by Dedicated2Life.

2. A Bloggers Guide to Finding Your Niche by BlogTrends.

3. How to Find Your Niche by Crafterminds.

4. Six Tips for Finding Your Blog Niche by Independent Fashion Bloggers.

5. Finding Your Blog's Niche by Best Blogging Advice Online.

Do you know what your blogging niche is? Or are you still discovering it? What are the niche blogs you read (DIY, Craft, Writing, Parenting, Photography...)?


  1. Lovely blog!
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  2. Catherine, Thanks so much for these links. I'm still working on the other list you had on blogging.


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