September 13, 2012

5 Great Posts on Doing It All

We all aspire to do the impossible, to achieve it all. But is that attainable? Is it healthy? Here are five great posts about doing it all:

1. Defining "It All" by Catherine Gillespie.

2. The Myth of Doing It All by Mom101.

3. I Don't Do It All by Tiny Twig.

4. Getting the Help You Deserve by Lisa Bacon @ Oh My!

5. You Can Do Anything for 30 Days. Or 365. by Jen McCaffery @ Rhode Island Monthly

I'm sure each of us have a different set of "all" that we're doing. Some of mine are blogging, caretaking, mothering, teaching, painting and wife-ing; what are some of yours?

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  1. Replies
    1. They were helpful to me in letting go of some things. :D

  2. Mothering and wife-ing.. blogging and creating art.. cooking.. I could keep adding but i guess you have to stop somewhere.

    1. Sounds like we've got similar pursuits! Although you could probably teach me a thing or two about cooking, I'm not so great with that.


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