April 5, 2012

Favorite Things: Easter Craft Edition

*in the voice of Maria from The Sound of Music* 
These are a few of my faaaavorite crafts...

An adorable diy on chalkboard mugs. 
Change their designs as often as you like!

Creation Corner
Aren't these Easter ties the cutest??

 I Still Love You
Got Tissue paper? Then you've got Easter grass.

gimme some oven
Seriously, what could be better than cake batter mixed with rice crispy treats? YUM!

What about you? Any favorites you'd like to share?


  1. cake batter + rice krispy treats?! OMG! I want some right now!!!! :)

  2. Everything's all lit up for Easter, Catherine!

    LOVE the DIY chalkboard mugs! So creative! I'm guessing they come clean in the wash? I forgot to check the link. Going now.

  3. LOVE the mugs!! That is a great idea and perfect for you...little doodler!


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