March 12, 2012

Would You Rather?

Josh Jack Carl
It's time for a game! I'd like to know more about my party guests so let's play Would You Rather. You can leave your answers in the comments.

Would You Rather--
  • Rock'n'Roll or Country?
  • Shazaam or Golly?
  • Three friends or Eighty?
  • Manicured or Bitten?
  • Romantic or Memoir? 

Would You Rather-- (my answers)
  • Rock'n'Roll or Country? Rock'n'Roll, I love hair-swinging music.
  • Shazaam or Golly? I'm geeky because I like them both; but I'd be more likely to say, "Golly".
  • Three friends or Eighty? Hmm, I love having LOTS of friends. But, I probably have three that I share most intimately with.
  • Manicured or Bitten? Unfortunately, I bite my nails but I'd prefer to have them manicured.
  • Romantic or Memoir? Memoir. I like romances if there's something else going on like fighting for the world and falling in love along the way. But romance just for the sake of romance is not my thing.
Ready to share your picks?

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  1. I'm more pop but guess of the two choices country, Golly, 3 friends...prefer few depth rather than many barely known, romantic....forgot the other question. L

  2. Party time! Rock n' Roll! Golly! 3!
    Manicured for sure. Memoir!

  3. Rock n' Roll for sure!
    Golly and can I add a Gee after that?
    I would like lots of friends but am really bad at keeping in touch with a wide range of people, so that must make me a 3.
    I am the only one in my family of four kids that didn't bite my nails. I actually tried to do it because everyone else was, but no, not for me. Manicure!
    Memoirs are more interesting for me.

    How exciting for your daughter and how sweet of her mom to throw her a big blog party! :)


  4. I probably listen to classic rock more than country these days, but I am a country girl at heart.
    Shazam! That's fun to say.
    I'll take the 80 friends.
    I don't bite my nails, so I'll take a manicure.
    Give me a memoir, please.

    How do I enter your contest? I'll read your older posts. I can't believe I got so far behind. Best wishes to your daughter on her trip to Africa.
    I'll also go shopping at your store!

  5. 1. Rock 'n' Roll, always!

    2. Golly. I'm not sure I've ever said Shazaam.

    3. Three, having a coffee together, girl talk, laughing ...

    4. Manicured, though mine aren't :/

    5. Memoir, always enjoy reading about an interesting life or viewpoint of life.

  6. Hey Aunt Cathy it's me Noah M! I'd have to choose...

    1. Country! Because although Rock has it's times, in the end you'll want to hear good ol' country before bed!

    2. Shazaam! That just happened!

    3. Eighty! You never know when you'll need them...

    4. Manicured! What else?

    5. Hmm, tough one. Guess I'll stick with the classic. Romantic...

  7. I must be really weird.

    I don't like rock and roll or country....classical or something like Celtic Thunder's Irish Folk.

    I'd never say either...maybe "wow" or Yikes!

    Guests? Well a hundred is out--that's my work, not relaxation. My favorite idea of fun at leisure time would be "one" just me and a good book.

    Manicured or Bitten--Neither again. I don't bite my nails, but neither do I manicure and polish them. I just trim them when I finally realize they need it. Usually I'm pretty oblivious.

    Romantic or Memoir--Nor really fond of either. Give me a cozy, not gory, whodunit or a fantasy adventure.

    See, I told you.


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