March 3, 2012

Weekend Pics

One of my loves is drinking coffee and browsing art magazines. *contented sigh*
If you've never had the joy of feeling through countless little packages for the one Lego mini-figure your son doesn't have, then you are missing out. My son was quite sure this was the Minotaur he wanted. Turns out--it was! *happy dance*
I tried to capture my teenage daughters playing with Legos at the table but they caught sight of my camera bag and dove for cover. I captured remnants of them. You can see a purse on the left and hands on the right accentuated with my lightening bolt stickers. *chuckle* 
We tried Sonic's sweet potato tots. They weren't my favorite but you can see how few were left after my family got a hold of them. 
Went to my son's basketball tournament. He won! He rocks basketball's world. I heard a man behind me commenting on how into the game I was--my clue to cheer a little more quietly. *pink cheeks*
The last picture is a collection of "all my little tots" (son quote). No, we don't frequent Sonic.


  1. Oh my, I have sooooo done the lego minifigure thing! My boys are obsessed with anything lego's!

  2. Oh gosh my daughter is now grown and she still loves legos. She has several models set up that she has made. Oh, and don't let anyone stop you from cheering loud and long....:-)

  3. *Glances at Sonic cup, then at the empty bag of cheese sticks*

    I got nuthin!

  4. I like this--fun pictures of another person's life. : ]
    Also, if I am one day a mom I hope to have a kid who plays basketball because I looooove watching! I just went to my first college basketball game as an alumnus last night. It made me long for the days when I got in for free! ; ]

  5. Love these photos! Especially the first. Looks like you're getting good at taking self-portraits. I, unfortunately, have barely even tried getting started on the project.

    I've missed you! After a really rough month, I'm finally trying to get back in the hang of creating and blogging again. Haven't forgotten about my guest post...and I think I may have an idea. :) I'll be in touch soon!

  6. Ha ha! We've done our share of "feeling through the Lego packages" too. :) Glad he got the one he wanted!

  7. went to sonic yesterday, and saw that they had the sweet potato tots. i didnt try them though.
    maybe next time?


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