February 22, 2012

Two Ways to Wear a Brooch

1. As a bracelet
Tie the center of a ribbon onto the pin.
Then fasten the ribbon around your wrist.

2. As a hair adornment
Pin the brooch around a headband or on a scarf.


  1. Nice ideas ... They give people a little fashion surprise, in a fun way :)

  2. Love it! I especially like the hairband.

  3. very clever! I love the bracelet look. :-)

  4. I wouldn't have thought of that! Must do the bracelet idea :)

  5. love them both!
    especially the bracelet...would have never thought of that
    I have some special brooches that are now going to be seeing the light of day again, thanks to you!

    Love and Light

  6. Yes, it is fun to be creative with accessories. I love the cameo as a hair ornament! :-)

  7. I love your creativity flowing into your everyday life! Love the photos of you in your polka dots too in an earlier blog post. You are inspirational in how to embrace your beautiful inner self. (I never would have thought of that accessory)

  8. oh man!! i love that! what a great idea! you are so creative!

  9. Whoa, these are great ideas! I'm with a bunch of your commenters in saying, I never would have thought of this! Thanks for sharing : ]


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