February 23, 2012

Look What the Postman Brought

I got two packages in one day!
  • One was a print I'd been longing for from Cori Dantini. I LOOOVE her work. It's whimsical, dreamy and unique. I love how she packaged the print with goodies. I want to do more of that in my own shop.
  • The second one was a hacky-sack from Amy Sonnichsen. She and Janet Sumner Johnson decided to connect bloggers by starting a Hacky-Sack Club. Everyone gets a hacky sack free for joining. We each make a video of our hacky-sack skills and post it on our blog. I have yet to make mine but I'm contemplating adding a hula-hoop somehow; and being that I have NO hacky-sack skills this will be...erm, interesting.  
HACKY-SACK vs. HULA HOOP Coming soon to computers near you!


  1. The bird print is so charming ... I see Spring in it :)

  2. Very sweet birdy. I can't wait to see the hacky sack video! :-)

  3. you are so right Cori's art is adorable!!!!

    love and light

  4. That is darling! I have such a thing for birds of all kinds. Thanks for showing them off!

  5. that is o pretty!! i love getting mail. doesnt it make your day??
    i need to start doing some pen pal stuff!

  6. oh my goodness i am in LOOOVE with that print!! going to her Etsy store now!

    I haven't been brave enough to record myself doing anything LOL. But congrats on making the club!!


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