February 16, 2012

Truthful Thursdays: Walking with Hannah

It's time to share some truths again, so here goes:
  1. I listened to Hannah Montana while walking on the treadmill today. Embarrassing, but true.
  2. People think I have gray Toms...they're white. I think it's time to paint them.
  3. Our snowfall was measly but I played like it was massive storm and stayed home the entire day. (I wasn't the only one, schools were dismissed. Yeah, we're hurting for a school day over here)
  4. Our house is down to one toilet paper roll and no laundry detergent. Somehow I missed putting those on my list when I went to the store. Grrr.
  5. I've slowly been interacting more on Twitter. What are your tips for the twitterverse?


  1. Snow? Lucky. We haven't gotten a flake here, not one. It feels odd to have a snowless winter :/

    As for Twitter, I basically just tweet my own thing. A little look into my day, a relevant writing link, some coffee lingo, that sort of thing. I try to keep it easy. Or should I say, Tweesy.

  2. I like Miley Cyrus. It embarrasses my daughter. No snow here though.

  3. I'm slowly warming to the Twitter world, too. I'm on just once or twice a day. I hate it when I forget those necessities and have to go back to the store.

  4. LOL
    you make me smile
    Happy Thursday Catherine

    love and light

  5. I have many times forgotten to purchase bare essentials. I always seem to remember chocolate, though! :)

    P.S. I mailed your hacky sack yesterday! *squeee!*

  6. I actually really like Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus. *grins*

  7. I hate when I forget stuff at the store. Do I go back? No I just suffer through til the next week. I forgot laundry detergent too, dang.


  8. You listened to Hannah Montana - don't worry the other day my husband caught me dancing to Justin Beiber - boy was I embarrassed!


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