February 15, 2012

So . . . Organizing?

For my 12 for 12 challenge, this month's skill is organization.

Ehew boy.

I've said before (approximately 232,365 times), I'm not organized.  At least not in a normal way. Sure my sock drawer is color-coded, but that's a tiny manageable place. The big important places, as in places people actually see, nada, no organization there. Piles of art stuff all over my art table and desk. My family may not know there's a top to the table or that there even IS a desk.
On to February--my focus is organization and I came prepared. I've got all kinds of organization books. I collect, just don't commit. I've been browsing them and getting my mind ready for what my hands need to do. One of my first books is Flylady's Sink Reflections. She says you can't organize clutter you must get rid of it. So my first order of business is getting rid of stuff. How many art supplies should one keep on hand? Nevermind, don't answer that. Maybe I'll start in the kitchen.

I'm also pouring over Confessions of an Organized Homemaker and Use What You Have Decorating to inspire me to see what things could be (as well as Pinterest, but getting online is dangerous). I'll admit, even though I don't like to organize, I like when things are organized. My heart leaps at the thought of knowing where everything is and everything having a place.

Please pass on tips if you're the organized brand. I have a feeling that "pick-up-as-you-go" and "never-handle-a-piece-of-paper-twice" will be among them. Mom has been telling me those two since childhood. For the record, she's very organized. *wishful sigh*

I'll be posting updates soon. Hopefully some fun Before and After pics! *bites nails* This could be revealing.


  1. I'm not one to hold on to too many things, and tend to throw out. So that helps keep my space organized. I toss :)

  2. good luck with the organizing, - i wish i was more organized, especially in my Studio!

  3. I always feel like I'm fighting against my creative type when I try to be organized. Even though it's hard I regularly clean/purge my craft area getting rid of things I'm really not using.

  4. I'm like you - not very organized but love the feeling when I do finally do it. Then I wonder why I don't do it more often.

  5. I LOVE organizing. I have lots of things, and I tend to pull stuff out and not put it back where it belongs, so I get disorganized really quickly. Eventually I just can't handle the clutter anymore and start tidying up and when I'm done I feel so accomplished : ]

    My best advice for organizing is to find things to put the mess in. You can use boxes, tins, tubs, glasses, empty egg cartons, whatever! Anything that is meant to hold something else will do. I find that even if I can't tuck things away somewhere, if I am able to separate them into categories and put them in separate containers I feel more organized.

    I wish you luck in your endeavor, and that feel that happy feeling when you are done! : ]


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