February 20, 2012

Much Love Monday: Polka Dots and Ruffles

Sweater and shirt: Thrift
Earrings: Gift 
Belt: Plato's Closet
Hairclips: Dollar Jewelry Store
Painting: Mine (print available here)
What I'm loving today:
  • Ruffles on this green sweater and polka-dot blouse.
  • A quick up-do when I'm running late.
  • Decorative clips--my new favorite accessory.
  • Hearing my grandma's voice as she reads. She's staying with us for a few days to give my parents a little break. She doesn't talk much anymore so hearing her read-aloud is extra special and heartwarming.
  • That my daughter attempted sewing while I was out. Now I know my suspicions were right, she does want to learn to sew!
  • I've been able to organize my way through three more drawers and a box.
  • That today is the beginning of a new week.
What are you loving today?



  1. I'm loving that painting!!! And your pictures, your the cutest thing! ;) So sweet about your grandmother, love that!!

  2. Love it ALL! And I'm dying to know what time you posted this on Monay. Where are you at? It's 10PM sunday night my time. Yep - I resided in Utah! :D
    Now I need to go find me some cute hair clips at the dollar store. They're so cute!

  3. cute cute and cute
    love it all

    I am loving a quiet Sunday evening
    watching a movie in bed with my hubby

    Love and Light

  4. I cheated a little, Leigh. It's Sunday here, I just changed the date to Monday on the Posts page. ;)

  5. I'm loving your energy - you are just so cute. I love your posts, you must be such fun to hang out with, glad I can hang out with in in blogland!

  6. Love that green ruffled sweater, it's perfect for Spring. And I've heard that green is the popular color that fashions will be showing this year.

  7. love the polka dots!
    have a great week!!!

  8. found you through Heathers site! Love the polka dots and I'm loving life today!

  9. I have much love for this outfit and the cute photographs, especially the first one! I really like the polka dots and ruffled sweater and the hair do too :)

    Loulou Downtown

  10. Ruffles + polka dots + you = adorable.

  11. wow i love that hair style! i cant wait till my hair is long enough to play with again.! Also, super cute photos!

  12. Very cute painting! Love the outfit too!

  13. i love everything about this post! :) the dress, the painting ... all the little things you're loving! Looks like a wonderful week ahead!

  14. Lovely print of yours! and the polka dot blouse looked good on u! sound like u had a lovely Monday! Cheers!

  15. Your smile and energy is so contagious ... so fueled up for the week ahead! Have a great one :)

  16. http://wellworththewaits.blogspot.com/2012/02/dressing-myself.html
    i dressed myself today! ha

  17. Catherine, I've been sick with some fluish thingy for far too long! But, I set this post aside to tell you just how special you are! Look up there at all those comments. We (heart) you!

    Your green sweater and polka dots are simply amazing on you! That is SO your color! And the little hair clips are really extra adorable. They remind me of you as a little girl (and I only just met you!), go figure.

    You're a bright spot in my day! LOVE your posts. Love you! Can I say that yet? Is it too soon? *g*

  18. Haha, Scarlett, you always make me laugh. Glad you're feeling better. Thanks for the love! ((Hugs))

  19. loved this post! that's such a cute polka dot blouse, goes lovely with your green sweater!


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