January 25, 2012

Have More Than One Valentine

With heart candy lining the stores, I've been thinking about Valentine's day. It's a bit exclusive.

Sure it's fun to dote on someone and share how much you love them. But I feel we've elevated the romantic aspect of this day until it's become like a clique that only those with a lover can participate in. Isn't this holiday supposed to be about love? Yes I know it's traditionally the romantic kind, but why couldn't it be more?

I have friends and acquaintances who've gone through great loss this year, suffered through sickness, moved to unfamiliar places or endured difficult break-ups. I know I can't change their circumstances, but I could send them a card, take them out or gift them with a trinket; something to let them know they aren't forgotten. It won't heal their pain, but at least they'll know on this day they were remembered. Loved.

I think it's time we have more than one Valentine.

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